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Created : 2013-03-16
Updated : 2013-03-17
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Upon making my Halo 4 Modder program, I got many requests to make similar programs for different games. This required me to invest a reasonable amount of time to create a program that I wouldn't use myself nor would I know if anyone else would. After a little bit of thinking I came up with a solution. That is Offsetify. Offsetify allows you to create XML files that contain memory offsets, their data type, default values, and assigned values. This allows users to either share just an offset or also share a predefined value that they discovered for that offset. Confused?
Essentially Offsetify allows you to create your own One Click RTE app. After you've created your Offsetify XML, you can share it with your friends/post it on forums for others to use. Just make sure when providing a download link, link back here and not a 3rd party file sharer.