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Created : 2013-01-12
Updated : 2013-02-20
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The server used to host the save files uploaded by GameCloud along with user registration is no longer running due to the costs involved. However, all server side code and database info is provided on GitHub

As an avid PC gamer I often noticed that when I was forced to do OS reinstalls that I would lose all my game saves. This often happened because when you are going through your hard drive to find items to back up, games don't even cross your mind. I created this program to fix that problem. On initialization of the program it searches your computers hard drive for game save files. This scan is unnoticeable and nearly instant. It then presents to you a list of your saves and gives you the option to back them up. When backed up each save is encrypted with AES256 bit encryption, compressed, and uploaded to the Game Cloud server for later recovery. This program is an on-going project with 2 weeks worth of work put into it. Feel free to download the beta version below and try it out yourself.


The backup screen for Game Cloud.