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Updated : 2013-12-26
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This project was originally titled "ROP Loader" but was changed due to functionality intended to be added at a later time. The "DS Profile" exploit is/was(depending on when you are reading this) a well known, but not often performed exploit for the Nintendo 3DS. This exploit involved setting a value too high for the length of a string which caused too much to be read on the stack. Binary downloads for the ROP-Loader are available below.

How to Use

1. Copy the "ROPLoader.nds" file to any flashcart compatible 3DS flashcard. 2. Insert the flash card and open the 'game' with the title of "ROPLoader" 3. When loaded, press the "A" button to initiate the initial ROP payload installation process 4. If the verification process fails, repeat steps 2-3. Otherwise, press A to return to your 3DS home menu. 5. Copy the Launcher.dat that you wish to use to your 3DS' SD card and reinsert the SD into your 3DS. 6. To initiate the exploit navigate to System Settings->Other Settings->Profile->Nintendo DS Profile

Singular Downloads

Download ROP Installer NDS

Download RAM Dumping Launcher.dat

Download Basic Code Exec Launcher.dat

If you are interested in the source code, not all of it has been released but you can take a look at p3ds on GitHub here. ROPLoader can be found on my GitHub.