3DS Toolkit

Loads an ROP chain on a Nintendo 3DS with FW 4.X using the mset exploit. Also includes a RAM dumper to dump userland mem.

Battle Analyzer

Battle Analyzer interprets packets received by your Nintendo 3DS on the fly and gives you detailed statistics on your opponents Pokemon in real time.


Gif-to-Sheet takes a GIF file, or a folder of GIF files, and converts it into a PNG sprite sheet.

XEX Assistant

XEX Assistant creates an interface where the user can easily test values found in an xex file. It allows for interval poking of different values in a specified amount of time-and other useful features as well.


Offsetify allows you to create XML files that contain memory offsets, their data type, default values, and assigned values. This allows users to either share just and offset or also share a predefined value that they discovered for that offset.


Being the owner of an Xbox Development Kit, I was not a fan of how Microsoft decided to implement their remote recording. I decided I would create an easy to use GUI for users(and myself) to easily make recordings of their Xbox's screen. This program uses a very simple metro style user interface to create the best experience possible for the end user.

Game Cloud

Upon initilization, Game Cloud searches pre-defined locations on your harddrive for game save files that can be backed up. The game library is extensive. If saves are detected you may upload to the Game Cloud server freely, safely, and securely. Game Cloud encrypts your saves using AES2 256bit encryption before it is even sent to the server.

DNA Compressor

DNA Compressors does exactly what the title implies. It takes a DNA Sequence (plain text) and compresses it to about 25% that of its original size. It does so by encoding each codon into a single sequence of 8 bits and then running that through the deflate compression algorithm.

Halo 4 Modder

Poke preset values to memory offsets on your Xbox debug console running TU1 of Halo 4. A manual peeker/poker is also available when using this program to test your own offsets and values. Supports various value types.


MineSync seemlessly synchronizes your Minecraft worlds into the cloud. When a world has been detected to have been changed (differing from the one on the server) or updated, the world will then be uploaded to the Minesync server safely and securely. AES256 bit encryption is applied to your Minecraft worlds before being uploaded to assure that they remain safe.